Hours & Rates

Following are the rates and hours of operation for the office location.

Service rates for week days are:                                                       

  15 minutes  $   45.00

  30 minutes  $   60.00

  60 minutes  $ 105.00

  90 minutes  $ 150.00

120 minutes  $ 190.00 


Please note: Service rates for Saturdays incur an additional 50% of the week day service rate.


Please feel free to inquire about corporate massage, house calls, gift certificates, Sport- and bodywork events.

(We accept cheques, payable to: Bernd Schoell Therapies, Inc. -              Credit cards are not accepted at this time.)

Sunday Not Available
Monday By Appointment Only
Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday By Appointment Only
Thursday By Appointment Only
Friday By Appointment Only
Saturday By Appointment Only