It is my goal to help my clients find the resources they need in order to achieve optimal balance and heatlh. Here are some links and references that you might find very helpful:

Midwest Medicine & Acupuncture SC
Dr. Xu has practiced Integrative Holistic Medicine & Acupuncture for over 20 years, successfully treating thousands of patients. Her patient-centered philosophy emphasizes non-invasive, natural healing.  Natural approaches not only control symptoms, but more importantly, can heal and prevent disease. Dr. Xu's treatments have helped Bernd completely recover from a hip injury.

Dave Mellish, Certified Personal Master Trainer
Dave personally transformed his life by losing over 150 pounds!  He is Bernd's wife's personal trainer and through his expertise and motivation, she has been transformed! See Dave's website for more information about his amazing personal story and what he can do for you. Just do it!

Demi-Bar Pilates
Based on the fundamentals of Pilates, but with added intensity and focus on the lower body, Demi-Bar Pilates will shake up your routine and help reshape your body!